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  • 我的新年愿望英语作文

    2020-09-14 15:48 作文体裁




    I am a primary school student。 And I am the only child in my family。 My families take too good care of me。

    They often work too much for me。

    Therefore,in this new year, I hope they can help me to be independent。 I want to do the things by myself。 I know they love me, but I think it’s not so good to me。 After all, I have to grow up by myself。


    It is a new year。 Everything is going to be new and hopeful。

    In this year, I have lots of things to do。 First, I am going to practice painting and save some money。 Then, I am going to improve my math。 I am going to do more exercises and read more books。 And I want to have a better lifestyle。 I am going to exercise more and keep fit。

    I also want to have a balanced diet and enough sleeping。

    I really hope that**** is going to be different and better。


    The New Year is coming and I have good wishes for the coming year。 Firstly, I hope my families will be happy and in good health。 I want my father has more free time to company my mother and I。

    I don't want him work so hard all the time。 Secondly, I wish myself can have a good year and do well in my study。 Study is my priority now and I hope I can work hard and make progress。

    Finally, I want a new computer for my study and enjoyment。 As I learn more in school, a computer is necessary。

    When I am free, I want to play computer games or search the Internet。 I think my father would buy it for me。 What are your wishes for next year?


    will be end ,and 2015 will be come 。In the new year ,we must be have much wishes ,because new year means that things end and another things start。So we need to make a new year"s resolution in order to the second year will be better。I want to share my new year"s resolution with you。

    Firstly,I decide to try my best to learn english 。because my english so poor that it affects my other subject。I willface many differences ,such as broadening my vocabulary, training my listening ,improving my write and so on。 I must work hard because I don"t want to behind the times。

    Secondly ,I will give up watching football games because every time it takes me two hours ,which makes me not finish my homework 。As a student ,study is our duty ,so I will focused more on study and less on playing。


    My new years resolution is very very brife。only three piece of advice 。one ; get good grade ,at next。 now,hard study 。。as for ,goodgoodstudy,day day up ,my math isnot good小学作文,so i can practise everyday ,then i am eating more vegetables and going to exercise more to keep fit next , i am going to take guitar lessons 。because i really love music 。

    so guitar 。i love too ,these are my new years resolution s i hope itis, reality ,but,realityneed my hard ,i think i can successful。

    my ing
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